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As a visionary thinker, Bojan possesses a unique flair for crafting compelling narratives that amplify brand value. His strategies are rooted in data and real-world insights, seamlessly integrating traditional PR methods with innovative digital and social-first initiatives. This balanced approach has consistently yielded powerful, unforgettable brand campaigns.

Meticulous attention to detail and a knack for creative problem-solving allow Bojan to manage multiple projects under strict deadlines, translating into success stories backed by measurable KPIs. In his current role as a Marketing and Communications Consultant at Nova Vox PR Advisory, he has expanded his expertise in curating brand experiences across diverse consumer touchpoints. Collaborating across functions and driving innovative partnerships, Bojan has enhanced customer acquisition and revenue growth for prestigious clients such as Jason Wu, Etro, Missoni, Senreve, and Chanel.

But Bojan's talents extend beyond strategy and execution. His passion for people and effective leadership has nurtured high-performing teams within a culture of growth and learning. His ability to forge and sustain robust relationships reaches beyond his immediate teams, encompassing marketing and PR units, as well as C-suite executives.

A true global citizen, Bojan's fluency in English, Italian, German, and Serbian has been instrumental in his international communications campaigns, enabling him to create and scale ideas for a global audience. This linguistic prowess, coupled with a profound understanding of various cultures, allows him to connect with diverse consumer bases.

Bojan Kostic is more than a PR and Communications expert. He's a storyteller, strategist, team leader, and visionary, wholly committed to weaving impactful brand stories. Guided by the belief that every successful brand is anchored by a compelling narrative, Bojan stands ever ready to help that story unfold and be told.

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Bojan Kostic